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  1. When should my gas heater be serviced?

    It is advisable to have portable type room heaters serviced before each season to maintain their best efficiency, operation and combustion levels.

  2. My heater will not light.

    There are many reasons for this to occur. Before calling for assistance check the following :
    - Make sure your gas is turned on at the meter or cylinder if LPG.
    - Is there gas in your cylinder. If you have other gas appliances check to see if they operate.
    - If the gas supply has been turned off during the summer period it may take a number of lighting attempts to bleed air out of the pipeline and hose for the heater to operate.
    - Check that the power is turned on ware required and batteries are ok (in some heaters) for ignition system to operate.
    - Is the child lock set to on.
    - Check that the hose is not kinked.

  3. Electronic continuous flow hot water service keeps going hot and cold when using the shower.

    This is a common problem caused when the shower rose has been changed for a later rose which have a lower flow rate.
    - Too much cold water added to the hot.
    - Poor water supply.
    - Poor gas supply.

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